Welcome to the Queen's Gallery: hosting moderately priced fine antiquities.

We bring to you some very special pieces that are part of our collection.†We hope you will visit this section often.

Please click on the photos for a more detailed view of each piece presented.

18.jpg (157690 bytes) New Kingdom Scarab

Circa 1500 BC.† Fine Quality Steatite Scarab.† Cartouche of a man in a papyrus boat and Maat feather.††


head1.jpg (25235 bytes) Stone Head

Late period. Circa 300 BC.† Detailed sculpture of a man's head.† Professionally mounted.


L22.jpg (146322 bytes) 26th Dynasty Faience Ushabti

Circa 600 BC.† Nice quality Ushabti.† Untouched and intact.† Approximately three inches tall (3").


Faience Djed Column

Late Period. Circa 300 BC. The Djed is the backbone of Osiris,

a major deity. It is the symbol of balance, stability, and also

represents regenerative power and eternal strength. This amulet

is appox 1" tall and is on a restrung mummy bead necklace.



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