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We bring to you some very special pieces that are part of our collection.†We hope you will visit this section often.

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34.jpg (291012 bytes) 26th Dynasty Ushabti

Circa 600 BC.† Superb blue faience Ushabti.† The "helper" in the other world.† Untouched and intact.† Approximately five inches tall (5").††


greek.jpg (85788 bytes) Terra Cotta Figure of Serapis

Circa 300 BC.† Museum Quality Ptolemic terra cotta of Serapis, the physician, a God of the afterlife, fertility.† Approximately nine inches tall (9").


ibis.jpg (76660 bytes) Wood Figure Of Ibis

Circa 600 BC.† Thoth was the God of wisdom.† He was shown in attendance in almost all major scenes involving the Gods, and was considered the inventor of the Hieroglyphs.† Approximately 8" x 6"


Beaded Face

Late Period. Circa 600 BC. Very unusual and

perfectly preserved bead face.†
Intact original beads

and color. One of a kind. Museum quality.

Professionally mounted. Approx. 7" x 5".†



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