Welcome to our Grand Gallery where we present our finest works of art.

We bring to you some very special pieces that are part of our collection.†We hope you will visit this section often!!

†Please click on the photos for a more detailed view of each piece presented.

ba ba.jpg (24280 bytes)

Wood Ba† or "Soul Bird" Late Period, 650-30 BC (Wood, Stucco, and Paint)

The soul of the deceased was often depicted as a human-head bird,† reflecting its ability to† travel about in the Hereafter.


fat face wood.jpg (25204 bytes)

Mummy Mask

Greco-Roman Period, Circa 300 BC

(Wood, Stucco and Paint)

Excellent life-like representation.

Original painting.† Very fine detail.† Painted scarab on headress.

Benign expression.† Museum quality.†


m1.JPG (245537 bytes) Wood Mask Late Period, Circa 300 BC (Gesso and linen original painting)

Museum quality wood mask.† A very fine example of its kind.† Approximately fourteen inches tall (14").†† Professionally Mounted.


great1.JPG (65298 bytes) New Kingdom Ushabti, Circa 1500 BC

†Museum quality,† rare and fine 19th Dynasty Ushabti. Approximately six inches tall (6").



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